How to Make Money Blogging in Spare Time?

You could by now must have stumbled upon the word called “Blogging”.

A blog in recent time has been seen as a powerful marketing tool which can be informative as well as entertaining. It is also seen as a profitable business for creative people and the companies who want to promote their products in the most cost effective way.

Another reason why blogging has gained momentum in recent times is the fact that it has a huge reach.  Today every one of us, young or old, is on the internet and blog reaches its target audience in minimum possible time and effort.

It is usually not every time that you can convert your hobby to a money minting proposition. Blogging is surely one of that money yielding options that allow you to  earn a few bucks as you give a way to your creative juices.

Don’t know how? Read on!

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Top Tips to Make Money Blogging

Here are some great tips you can use to make money from your blog.

How to Make Money Blogging

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Write a review

In today’s time, before making any purchase, people like to go online. They prefer to read reviews, make a comparison and then decide whether or not they would want to invest in that product.

Users usually rely on others’ reviews or expert advice before actually trying out the product themselves. Companies have realized it and welcomes true buyer review or an expert view on their product.

They also pay the reviewers a small percentage of the sales or decide upon the remuneration.

It’s important to keep your reviews unbiased, crisp and to the point.


If you have a dedicated fan following and have created some recognition in the world of blogging, advertisements is yet another way to earn moolah.

Pay-per-post, Google AdSense, EBay affiliates etc. are few of very famous advertising programs available. Bloggers can incorporate them in their blogs and earn money while their audience go clickety-click on the ads.

The Ads may appear in the form of a banner ads or text links. The only thing that the blogger should keep in mind is to not get greedy. Keep it simple and relevant.


E-books and its sale would particularly benefit experts of the field.

Say you are nutritionist and have blogged about health benefits and stuff related to health. Now you have a good fan following who swear by your tips. Then you could use this an opportune time to come out with your own eBook and promote it through your blog.


If you check websites like Wikipedia, you will see that people get a lot of knowledge from these but that is for free.

Wonder how do they survive? The answer is Donation.

The users whomsoever wish to keep the website alive can donate whatever amount he wish to, by clicking on the button usually on the top right of the website. From there, users are taken to another website like PayPal to enter amount details and make payments.

If this idea doesn’t really excite, you could come up with funny tagline, like “Buy me a doughnut-if you like this post” to make it sound less business like.

Hopefully, you would have liked and find these tips useful. You can also check our complete guide to start a blog and make money online on our website


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